Surplus Equipment

Gavula Engineering has a large, ever-changing inventory of surplus equipment for sale.  We work with an extensive network of surplus suppliers, securing huge discounts and passing the savings on to you.  Surplus equipment can be acquired "as is" or completely rebuilt or refurbished, your choice.

Listed below are items currently in stock.  If you can't find the item you're looking for or you would like more details about anything that interests you, just use the contact information above and let us know.  We will respond promptly.

Note:  To see photos & read info about an item, click on the blue diamond () in front of the product name.
Bell Jars

  Website_48x48-4sale_04_12-17-21.docSpace Simulation Chamber

     ♦ Bellows

Compressors -


     CVi Model CBST 5.0 Compressor



Controllers -
      Commonwealth Scientific Corp Auto Vacuum Controller

 Televac Ion Gauge Controller


      Torr Vacuum Products Model PG-111 Controller

      Vacuum General Mass Flow Channel Module Model FV6-11 for N2

     Vacuum General Model 80-4 Flow Gauge 115VAC

Dual Purge & Ionizer System

Electrical Feedthroughs

Gate Valves -

     CVC Aluminum Electro-Pneumatic Gate Valve 6"OD / 2"ID

Leak Detectors

MKS Baratron Pressure Head Model 315BHS-1000, 1000 Torr

Port Plates - In stock or manufactured to your specifications

Pumps -





RF Power Products Controller & Power Supply Set

Supercon 250A Pin & Socket Receptacle Connectors

Transformers - 

     Hill Magnetics 10 KVA Transformer, 1-Phase

     Minwa Model MW-500D Transformer, 500 VA, 1-Phase


     CVC 10" BC-101 Multi-Coolant Stainless Steel Trap

      LN2 Cold Trap

         Varian LN2 Model 362 Trap, 8"ID / 11"OD ASA Flange

Vacuum Fittings

Vacuum Ovens
        Piece Part Bakeout System


     Vari-Q 10" Throttling Valve w/Alcatel Drive