Space Simulation Chamber

Description:  Horizontal Cylinder, 52" diameter x 50" in straight section with full opening hinged door, fabricated from 304L stainless steel.  System was purchased from Northrop Grumman.  System was used for Thermal Vacuum Testing and exposed only to inert gases.  System features a 48" diameter x 48" long Liquid Nitrogen Shroud.
  • Manufactured by BEMCO in 1996.
  • Re-Conditioned and Modified by Gavula Engineering in 2012.
  • Features Liquid Nitrogen Gas Shroud with 3 zones.
  • Includes fabrication of Shroud Feedthru’s making the Shroud Removable.
  • Chamber and Shroud have been Helium Leak Tested Good.
  • Slide out stainless steel shelf inside of shroud.
  • Independent platen control zone.
  • Fabricated and installed new heavy duty Chamber Door Pin Hinge.
  • Replaced 10” ASA Port Flange with New ISO 320, 12” Port Flange.
  • Installed New ISO 320 Stainless Steel VAT Gate Valve.
  • Fabricated and installed ISO 320 X ASA adapter flange collar for CTI On Board 10 Cryopump.
  • Installed Re-Conditioned CTI On-Board 10 Cryopump with New CTI Model 9600 Cryo-Compressor and Helium Hoses.
  • New Anest-Iwata 500C Scroll Pump (21 CFM) for Chamber Roughing and Cryopump regeneration.
  • New Bellows Type Roughing and Vent Valves, 24vdc actuated.
  • New NEMA enclosure vacuum control electrical panel with Allen-Bradley PLC, motor starters, relays, fuses, built by UL listed Panel Shop.
  • Chamber has been pumped down to 2E -7 Torr.

As is price = $260,000

Work needed to complete:

  • Install quartz lamps in shroud area for high temperature testing.
  • Provide new UL listed electrical panel used for thermal control using a Watlow F4T controller with 3 control circuits (Shroud cooling, Quartz Lamps Heating and Thermal plate Heat/Cool). Includes qty. 4, Watlow over/under temperature failsafe controllers.
  • Install new Liquid Nitrogen solenoid valves.
  • Provide new Computer for SCDA
  • Program PLC.

Estimated completion Costs = $62,000