Offered for $95K per 2 chamber skid, quantity 4 skids available.

The Dual Piece Part Vacuum Bake System is designed to de-gas component hardware at a high temperature (up to 400o C) & high vacuum (5.0 E-7 Torr).

We originally built these ovens for a major aerospace company to vacuum bake optical sensor components.  They completed their tasks & offered them back to us.  The ovens were very well taken care of & are in excellent condition.

Construction includes an ISP-500B Anest Iwata oil-free scroll vacuum pump, CTI On-Board 8 Cryopump with CTI 8200 water cooled, 3 phase Compressor, MKS Vacuum Gauges, Watlow Temperature & Power Controllers.  The PLC & Control Equipment includes IDEC Slim Line Power Supplies, 5-Port Ethernet Switch & touch-screen monitor. The casters have leveling feet.

Each chamber is constructed of 304L Electro-Polished Stainless Steel
Each Chamber is 12" Diameter x 18" Deep & is vertically mounted with a full opening hinged lid.

Each lid is flat, includes a Viton O-ring inside a water-cooled O-ring groove & has a latched handle & mechanical stop to prevent the lid from opening more than 30-degrees beyond vertical.
An Electro-Polished stainless steel 
adjustable parts tray assembly is 
included to be utilized for parts 
placement within the chamber.

An Electro-Polished stainless steel adjustable parts tray assembly is included to be utilized for parts placement within the chamber.

Operator Interface with Touch Screen

Records & charts vacuum pressure & temperature.

Watlow Heater Power Controllers

PLC Hand Switches

Allen-Bradley PLC & Electrical Components built by UL approved panel shop.

CTI 8200 Water-Cooled, 3-Phase Compressors mounted to custom made portable carts.